Dialogue with Vermeer


Christina Linaris -Coridou's work offers the chance to both reflect on and extend our understanding of Vermeer within a construction of myriad ideas.

Her dialogue with Vermeer is personal, yet also carefully focused on the ways in which he created his images.

Vermeer's aesthetic has become for Linaris-Coridou a recognizable cultural emblem that helps clarify the beauty she also seeks to convey within the context of her constructions.

Linaris-Coridou's work in many ways reflects the notion of a work-in-progress.

Their incomplete character is intriguing in a way that similar to the intrigue Wheelok argues is added to Vermeer's paintings based on their inability to ever be completely explained.

Her works suggest that the explanation and, thus, completion of Vermeer's paintings-and likewise her own assemblages-ultimately lies within the power of the viewer and, thus, at least in a cognitive sense, will never be wholly complete.



Dissertation "Vermeer in dialogue"

Marguerite Anne Glass, University of Maryland


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